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Preserved roses that last more than a year

The preserved rose is perhaps one of those gifts that everyone likes, maybe because we are many lovers of eternal flowers. On this page, you will learn everything related to the roses that last a year and you can also buy them at the best price!

In our online store we have all types and colors, so you will not miss anything when it comes to choosing yours. Have a good purchase!

What is an eternal rose?

Preserved roses are naturally grown roses, which goes through processes of freeze-drying, so that it can stand in good condition much longer than it would in a natural way.

They are an excellent gift that has become popular in the West, and the truth is that it’s quiet original, it’s 100% natural and able to make your partner fall in love.

What is its meaning?

The meaning is something that a lot of people ask. The magic part is that it is simply a very beautiful and elegant rose to give as a gift and it has as much meaning as you give to it. Find a special moment, a special story and represent it in this stabilized rose to make the moment last for years.

Types of everlasting roses that you can buy

The truth is that there are many types of preserved roses, and we are going to talk about all of them. This way you can choose the one that best suits you and thus surprise your partner or friends.

Enchanted rose

The encapsulated roses became very famous, particularly because of the special edition: “Beauty¬†and¬†Beast Rose”, known in UK as “Beauty and the beast enchanted rose‚ÄĚ.¬†They do not wither¬†with time, because they are inside a¬†glass dome.

Its appearance is very elegant and look great in rooms and halls. They are a great option to give to any special person. Specially if it is Valentine and that special, someone is your partner.

Year long colourful roses

You know what they say ‚ÄúThe beauty is in the eye of the beholder‚ÄĚ so we thought you may like to have options to choose from so here you can find an eternal rose for anyone.

In our store, it is available the next types of enchanted roses:

You may find all the lyophilized flowers you want; in the color you want them.¬†So please don‚Äôt hold yourself and browse among all the sections we have in our online store. You’ll love it!

How to preserve a real rose

The maintenance of an everlasting rose is very easy since it does not require much care, here we have several doubts that are often seen.

How long do the everlasting roses last?

The truth is that they are not artificial roses, but are a type of natural and cultivated rose. They receive a lyophilization process only after being collected, from the stem and leaves to the petals. In this way the rose maintains a fresh appearance for a long time, which is generally more than 3 years.

What to do to take care of the long lasting flowers?

This type of flowers do not require so many cares , usually they hold at least 3 years and if they are in a dry and clean place, they can endure even 5 or 10 years in a more than acceptable state.

How is a fresh flower preserved?

They follow a process of professional and exclusive lyophilization, however it can be imitated at home with vodka, sugar or even with hairspray. Obviously, the result is not the same, but it can look pretty good.

Where to buy a cheap preserved rose in UK

everlasting rosesUndoubtedly the preserved roses are an excellent purchase, with them you have a nice gift that will please anybody and that is why there are many who wonder where to get a treated rose. Are you one of them?

There are many places where you can buy them, both in the different online stores and in physical stores in Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. However, if you are looking to buy it at the best price keep reading.

In that case you are in the right place, you are in Eternal Rose, the best place on the internet to buy everlasting roses online. We have the greatest variety and also the best prices for preserved roses wholesale, so you will not regret making the purchase with us, 100% guaranteed!

Is it possible to buy other preserved flowers online?

Yes, of course. There are many types of lyophilized flowers that can be of your interest and here we tell you some of them. Surely, you’ll like them!

Preserved hydrangeas

The hydrangea is in itself a very pretty rose, they are one of the most viewed flowers and surely after seeing the photo of a bouquet, it gets clearer to you know what they are.

In fact, they are very common in the use of all types of headdresses for weddings, communions … they are usually the¬†¬†¬†preserved flowers and are used for these kinds of occasions because they look great.

Preserved flowers for weddings

At weddings, many preserved flowers are often seen, they are usually seen in bridal bouquets as to complement details or wedding invitations; they are mostly of three types:

  1. Preserved paniculata
  2. Preserved lavender
  3. Wheat spikes

These type of lyophilized flowers can also be found in our online store, so check them out and see if they interest you.

Freeze-dried roses

The preserved roses online are a special gift. Who does not know the typical roses?¬†The bouquets that everybody gets, specifically on dates as marked as Valentine’s Day.

In this case, the permanent rose is the same, only it never withers. You can have it exposed as long as you want it will not alter its status. Also, taking into account how much a rose cost, maybe it is actually your best interest to give her the eternalized one.

Can I send one or several eternal roses to someone special?

Of course, in fact we do not expect anything else from you.

preserved roses in UKAfter all‚Ķ giving flowers, and specially roses, should be almost the duty of all lovers and as such you should do the same, or at least you should consider it.¬†That’s why in¬†rosaeterna.onlinewe offer you the shipment to whomever you want.

That way, when you buy one of our many everlasting roses you will only have to leave us a note indicating that the package is for a gift. We will make sure that it arrives at the proper destination, safely, and with a special detail for that special person for you.


Generally, we have a good bunch of roses preserved in stock, this allows us to receive the order and then make the shipment. So the most normal thing is that you receive your order between one and two days after making the payment.

Remember that you can pay by Paypal or credit card, those are the methods in which we receive the payment at the moment; and of course also through bank transfer that would arrive a day later.

Special note

Yes, as we have told you, the lyophilized roses are for giving as a gift and that is why you can also put the personalized note that you like the most. You only have to indicate what you want us to add in the comments of the order and we will prepare a special card.

You will see how the recipient will love it, a special and personalized gift with your love note. Unbeatable!

Do not miss one of the most beautiful gifts of this 2018 because it will surely interest you. We await your special requests. Who will you give it to?

Frequently asked questions about roses that last a year

Undoubtedly, the world of preserved roses is fascinating but it can be a complex thing to understand. How can a rose hold so much? Well here we answer your questions:

Are they real flowers?

Of course, in the market there are innumerable types of fake flowers, but the eternalized flowers are common roses with a treatment that lengthens their life. If what you are looking for is a flower that does not fade to decorate your wedding or whatever you can think of, your choice goes by fake or synthetic.

Do you have to be alert on them?

As we have said, the eternity flowers are natural, but in spite of that it is not necessary to be alert on them to take care, as if they were a freshly cut rose. Unlike the real roses, eternal flowers will not need to be put in a bowl with water, but it will be important to follow several cares:

  1. Keep them in a dry and airy place, since with moisture they can fill with mold
  2. Do not cover the everlasting roses with fabrics or otherwise they could leave different spots on the petals

If you follow these tips you should not worry about the durability of preserved roses.

What is the most appropriate color?

As you can see in our store you have 4 available colors: Red, blue, white and black. Undoubtedly, this does not go beyond tastes because despite the fact that there are many urban legends about the meaning of colors, in our case we usually give it to the taste of the consumer.

Conclusion: Do you have any questions?

Well, sure that our online store has convinced you, but you may have been a little doubt to make the purchase. Anything you can think of when deciding to buy a product, several doubts always come in at the last moment.

Well, we want to tell you that we are here for that, we are here to help you with any questions that may arise. We will be happy to assist you through our contact form.

Have an excellent purchase!

Preserved roses that last more than a year
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