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Beauty and the Beast rose

The Beauty and the Beast Rose is undoubtedly an excellent gift, it is an eternal red rose and is also known as the enchanted rose. Don’t stay without her, buy the Beauty and the Beast flower now and make the best possible gift to your special someone. Cheap shipping!



If there is one preserved rose we all know, that is undoubtedly the Beauty and the Beast rose in glass. That rose that comes from a film that we have all seen in our childhood, the one that will make your love last through time, thanks to its charm.

Why to gift the eternal Beauty And The Beast Rose?

The enchanted rose of beauty and the beast is a preserved red premium rose with a glass dome of 25cm in height, you can choose the color that best convinces you and get your beloved partner fall for you with your gift.

Order now in and the package will get to your house in two types of shipping: on the one hand you can choose the standard shipping and on the other the express one. As you can see, it is an excellent opportunity to buy the enchanted rose of the Beauty and the Beast. So do not hesitate and get it with us! You can choose between the different shipments available to receive it at home.

Any questions before buying the enchanted rose of Beauty and the Beast in glass dome?

We have tried to answer all your possible questions; however, it is probable that we still have skipped an interesting answer to a particular question. An important thing you should also know is that we send all the enchanted rose already assembled, with its beautiful cupola.

Also, in case you want a quick answer you can go to the FAQ page, there you will find all kinds of questions from our users. Additionally, in case your concern about the beauty and the beast flower dome is not solved, you can contact us through the contact form.

Do not hesitate it anymore!

Beauty and the Beast rose
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