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Preserved blue rose

The eternal blue rose is ideal for all the lovers of this beautiful color, if you are one of them it would be great if you did one of our excellent perpetual roses.


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Are you thinking about getting yourself an eternal blue rose? Then there are two options, either you want to give it to someone special or you want to make a gift for yourself (which is also great, huh?). Sometimes gestures can convey more than words, and in the case of roses is no different.

What does an eternal blue rose mean?

Giving a blue eternal flower has a meaning. This rose in general implies desire and eternal love, without a doubt it is one of the most passionate colors of roses.

Being blue the color of the sky also implicitly means freedom, in fact when looking at them, at least in my case, I feel much calmer. What happens in your case? Do you feel the same? Sometimes, all we need is love to achieve the impossible, what better way to express it than an eternal rose? You will feel relax… like if you were eliminating all your stress in one swoop.

Is the blue rose natural or not?

The truth is that all our roses are 100% natural, none of them synthetic or anything similar. However, if it is true that a priori blue eternal roses do not exist, they are created through a small genetic change in the rose itself.

Anyway, the answer is yes, the preserved blue rose is a natural flower that has gone through a lyophilization process to ensure its good condition for several years. It will last a lot in excellent condition!

Buy your preserved blue rose with us

Buy your blue rose and enjoy a great gift that will charm everyone. It is an excellent gift for friends, couples, etc… Do not think about it and give them all the details they deserve because details matter! If you purchase your rose now with us, you will receive it, with the shipping completely free of charge.

You should also know that our prices include all taxes, this means that you will not have any surprises waiting for you in the cart. Insured! Do not miss the range of different colors that we offer you in , you ‘ll see how you like them.

Count on us for any questions you may have about our eternal blue rose. We will wait for you on the other side!

Preserved blue rose
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